Exploring AWS Data Analytics Services: From S3 to Athena and Beyond

Amazon Athena is regarded as the serverless interactive query service of Amazon, which is useful in conducting data analysis in Amazon S3 through the use of SQL, or standard structured query language. It executes the direct query on the unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data that remains stored within Amazon S3, without data loading within Athena.

At its core, Athena utilizes Presto, the in-memory open-source distributed SQL query engine, which helps execute different analytic queries against varied data sources. The scalability and reliability of Athena’s as-a-service model and Amazon S3’s object store provide a definite shape to cloud analytics.

It is important that the potential audience and application analyze and access the data securely. The data volumes appear from diverse sources at an unprecedented rate. The business enterprises should extract the data’s value. However, they face different challenges in capturing, analyzing, and storing the data that is derived from the latest businesses of the present. Accomplishing such challenges indicates the creation of a modern data architecture, which helps break down the data silos for insights and analytics. Hence, it is crucial to connect machine learning systems and analytics, thereby enabling predictive analytics.

The latest data strategy

The latest data strategy is enabled by a set of different technology building blocks that help manage, analyze, access, and act on the specific data. It provides several options to connect to different data sources.

Choosing the latest serverless data engineering strategy empowers the teams to execute machine learning and analytics through the use of techniques and preferred tools. Such a data strategy also helps manage people by giving them access to the data with data governance controls and proper security. It is useful for breaking down the data silos to provide purpose-built data stores and data lakes. In addition, the data strategy helps store the data at the most affordable cost in standard-based and open data formats.

The latest data strategy implementation on AWS

Scalable data lakes

If you want to make decisions faster, you need to store the data in open formats so that you will be capable of breaking down the disconnected data silos. Thus, you will provide empowerment to the people in the business enterprise to execute machine learning and analytics. The latest data architecture begins with the data lake. It provides the optimum choice to store non-relational, relational, unstructured, and structured data in an affordable manner. Through AWS, you will be able to move the data from different silos within the Amazon S3 data lake. Now, Amazon S3 will be storing the data in a standard-based open format.

User-friendliness and serverless

To accomplish different analytics needs, AWS offers different serverless options that allow you to focus on the applications without touching the infrastructure. The process of getting the raw data to extract different business insights is difficult. AWS adopts a zero-ETL approach, which ensures data analysis without the need to use ETL.

Purpose-built for cost and performance

AWS offers an in-depth and broad set of different purpose-built data services. Thus, it allows you to select the correct tool for the proper job. Hence, you do not need to compromise on costs, scale, performance, or functionality.

Unified data access, governance, and security

With the purpose-built analytics service and centralized data lake in place, you need the capabilities to seek access to the source data, secure it, and have different governance policies to comply with different security best practices and related regulations.

Governance begins with AWS lake formation. Such a service provides data access regardless of where it is located. Thus, it ensures data security, irrespective of where you are storing it. For data governance, AWS will discover the catalogs and tags and keep the data in synchronization. Thus, you will be able to manage and define the governance, security, and audit of the policies to satisfy different regulations that are specific to geography and industry.

Ready-made machine learning

AWS offers built-in ML integration as an integral part of its purpose-built analytics solutions. Thus, it allows you to train, create, and deploy different machine learning models through the use of familiar SQL commands without any sort of previous machine learning experience.

Data is considered a crucial asset for the company. Seeking insights from the data and extracting it has become the latest buzzword. As public cloud service providers provide different service-based analytics, like Amazon Athena, different business enterprises can offer more insights without the complications of different home-built analytic tools. 

Amazon Athena plays an integral role in making the data queries faster to set, faster to execute, and easier to use. Choosing the pay-per-use model is beneficial to making Athena budget-friendly much more than executing the analytics. As it works with Amazon S3, it offers unmatched scalability, durability, and reliability. Serverless data analytics help make Athena more effective. Thus, it delivers the suitable insights that the business enterprise needs from the specific data.

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